About Alternative Marketplace

Alternative Marketplace is an independent website that brings you a diverse range of alternative investment products currently being marketed worldwide.

Our aim is to offer high quality investments across as many different and unusual asset classes that we can find. This includes the more traditional alternative investments that most people are familiar with, but also the increasingly eclectic range of modern-day, innovative and occasionally leftfield investment opportunities on offer.

We are confident that we have found the absolute best providers for each product on offer and are sure that this will be reflected in your personal experience in dealing with our chosen specialist partners.

You don't have to be rich, sophisticated, or intellectual to use this website - anybody and everybody that wants to enhance their financial future should consider the full range of what is on offer.

Why Go Alternative?

  • The Big Picture For a fully diversified portfolio, it is necessary to consider all the alternatives, not just the obvious ones you're already familiar with!
  • Emotional Investing Some environment-related alternative products let you make investment choices that help the planet, not just your bank balance
  • Poor Returns Elsewhere Volatile stock markets and poor savings rates mean many traditional investments are not generating the returns they used to
  • No More Credit Crunch Unlike buy to let property, the majority of alternative investments have not been heavily impacted by the lack of bank financing
  • Greater Control A portfolio of direct investments gives active investors more say in how money is being used than some index-based schemes

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