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  • Alternative Investment News Round-up: Thursday 27th February 2014

    February 27th, 2014

    Bamboo experts highlight profit potential

    Bamboo experts are highlighting the potential profits that can be generated from the sustainable material.

    The Bamboo Society of India and the University of Agricultural Sciences are keen to popularise the cultivation of the crop, which can absorb 25 per cent more carbon than other plants. Speaking at a two-day event, experts expressed concerns over a reliance upon man-made materials such as plastic, noting that bamboo can be used as a construction material, which boosts its potential for high re…

  • Interest in alternative investments soars

    February 25th, 2014

    Photo: Jingletown

    Interest in alternative investments is soaring, according to a new report from The independent portal, which specialises in alternative investment opportunities around the world, has seen traffic surge by 248 per cent in February 2014 compared to the previous month.

    The number of visitors to the site, which is part of the Lead Galaxy network of investment portals, is nearly 50 times higher in 2014 compared to the same period in 2013, as investors are increasingly considering alternative…

  • Alternative Investment News Round-up: Wednesday 19th February 2014

    February 19th, 2014

    A round-up of news in the alternative investment sector.

    Farmland demand “borders on speculative mania”

    The demand from investors for farmland “borders on speculative mania”, a report by Oakland Institute has declared. “Driven by everything from rising food prices to growing demand for biofuel, the financial sector is taking an interest in farmland as never before.” Indeed, while the amount of agricultural land in America is low, it has grown from between $3 billion and $5 billion in 2011 to $10 billion in 2013.

    As the farmland-owning …

  • Alternative Investment News Round-up: Thursday 13th February 2014

    February 13th, 2014

    A round-up of news in the alternative investment sector.

    Scottish farmland outperforms gold

    Scottish farmland has seen its value surge in the last decade, outperforming not just English farmland but also that most precious of the precious metals: gold. The price of farmland in Scotland rose 7 per cent in the second half of 2013, according to Knight Frank, to a total of £4,262 per acre.

    Knight Frank welcomed the figures as confirmation of Scottish farmland’s credentials as a “solid investment”. Indeed, its value leapt 11 per cent acro…

  • Alternative Investment News Round-up: Thursday 6th February 2014

    February 6th, 2014

    A round-up of news in the alternative investment sector.

    Farmland prices in England up 11pc in 2013

    Farmland prices in England climbed 11 per cent in 2013. New figures from Knight Frank show that agricultural land has almost outperformed gold as an alternative asset, with values rising to a record £6,882 per acre last year.

    In the short term, land almost kept pace with the 14 per cent annual rise in the resurgent FTSE 100. In the longer term, farmland has seen its value surge 210 per cent in the past decade, almost level with 212 pe…