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Pre-IPO Investment opportunity. The company is looking to raise $66m to fund its growth. Focused on building a significant oil & gas company to maximise shareholder return.

Minimum Cost of Entry: £4,500
Reasons to Invest:

Unique opporutnity to acquire Pre-IPO shares in one of the United States' largest oil & gas companies, who have already produced millions of barrels of oils across eight other wells.

It is in the process of becoming the world's largest petroleum producer - not only are they focused on a stratgey of de-risked opportunity but these exist within an historic production environment and clear cut jurisdiction and transparency.  This is an excellent opportunity to invest in the petroleum sector. 


Pre-IPO shares.  

Company consists of two exceptional Petroleum lease blocks located in the offshore shallow waters of the outer Continental Shelf of the prolific renowned Gulf of Mexico and Gas zones. 

Within two years the aim is to build towards sustainable production in excess of 1000-2000 BPD.  The pedigree of the managemetn is one of active "oil finders" espcially concetrated upon the focused environment of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Assets are high quality proven and include:

1) Vermillion 179 offshore Gulf of Mexico shallow reef.  This has reserves of approximately 1.4 million barrels of oil together with an additional 600,000 barrels.

2) East Cameron No2 offshore Gulf of Mexico, this new petroleum block awarded by BOEM to date contains 12 potential, proven and possible pay horizons which have been geolocially and structurally isopachously mapped on tracings of resevoir areas of the upthrown and downthrown sides of a large fault. 

The company is also negotiating three further farm-ins ready to drill in 2015, all proven undeveloped in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 


Projected 10% Investment Return 


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Other Details:

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Company Information:

The Company is a UK based energy concern that has been established to identify, acquire and commercialise proven oil and gas assets located within the Continental United States focusing upon the highly prospective shallow waters of the offshore Gulf of Mexico and onshore Louisiana defined plays with select, targeted exploration. The Company is focused on building a significant oil and gas company which will maximise shareholder return through the enhanced development of hydrocarbon reserves and the acquisition, trading and monetisation of licence interests.
Invest in the United States oil & gas industry with a company that has already produced millions of barrels of oil across eight other wells.

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