Film Investment Opportunity

Type: Project Finance

Development finance needed - unique 4 feature film investment. Oscar nominated and BAFTA winning production team. 100% of original capital returned on the first day of shooting of the first film , with profits paid annually for 5+ years.

Minimum Cost of Entry: £25,000
Reasons to Invest:

Low risk, high to very high returns. 100% of capital returned on the first day of shooting of the first film and profit paid annually for 5+ years. A unique invesment opportunity normally reserved for US studios. All of the films will be produced by an Oscar nominated and BAFTA winning production team.


Investor receives certificate of share holding, dependant on whether they invest in one or all 4 films. Profits paid annually.


30% return contractually guaranteed for UK taxpayers (EIS)


100% of original capital returned to all investors (UK or non-UK) on the first day of shooting of the first film.



Other Details:

Unlike many film companies, this opportunity offers Development Investment in specific projects rather than a general ‘invest with us’ approach. It is SEIS and EIS approved. The films are at varying stages of development, as indicated below. The sole risk is that none of the films are made.


This company are raising £170,000 for development of THE PALE KING, the first of a possible trilogy of movies based on the India epic Mahabharata. Development will include producing three treatments covering the entire epic, and the screenplay for THE PALE KING; in this way we will be in a position to select the high points for THE PALE KING screenplay which may come from any or all the treatments. This will raise our profile above the noise in Hollywood. Oscar nominated and BAFTA winner Michael Radford will direct.


This company is raising £100,000 each for final development of IRISH STORY (Chris Rose to direct), CASTRO (Sean Penn to direct tbc) and IT’S PROBABLY NOTHING... (Guillaume Canet to direct tbc). There are preliminary scripts and treatments for THE PALE KING, preliminary scripts for IRISH STORY and CASTRO, and a 28 page treatment for ITS PROBABLY NOTHING…. The total Development Funding being raised is £470,000. 12.5% of the Producers’ Share is offered for IRISH STORY, CASTRO and ITS PROBABLY NOTHING.... THE PALE KING has a more complex structure such that 8% of the Producers’ Share is offered.


Effectively, for every £1m of profit accruing to the  Producers Share, the Development Investor receives £125,000 & £80,000 respectively, as profit. These percentages are in addition to early repayment of principle on the first day of shooting, and the 30% / 50% of EIS / SEIS advantage. 


Completion Insurance

A completion guarantee issued by an internationally acceptable completion guarantor company which, in the case of any particular film, guarantees that the film will be delivered by an agreed date failing which the completion guarantor company will either take over and complete the film itself or refund the financiers of the film named in such guarantee. The completion bonds will ensure the films will be completed and delivered to the distributors of the films.


Company Information:

An EIS and SEIS approved film company looking for development investment in 4 projects. Award winning production team including Chris Rose -with more than 50 movies under his belt, Ken Dearsley - Executive Producer, and Ian Smith OBE - Executive Producer.




Screenplays and treatments are available to you.

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